About Me

I am sheSam. I like racket sports and reading things on paper. I'm an any weather skier/snowboarder- I once survived a blizzard by burrowing into a tree well. On weekends I enjoy watching and re-watching movies on the dangers of technology (Gattaca is my favorite). I really appreciate nostalgia- some say it gets better everyday, I say it was better yesterday. And obscure data sets fascinate me so send any good ones my way.

What I Do

I bang on keys at maximum velocity in a performant fashion. I have extensive experience creating, evolving, and debugging web applications at all points in the stack. I strive to master every tool I can get my hands on, from front-end frameworks such as React/Redux, Vue, and Angular 2, to back-end technologies like Django and GraphQL. Whatever the right tool is for the job, I’ll learn it; if it doesn’t exist yet, I’ll build it.

  • Code
  • HTML5
  • GIT


  • SeekPad

    A task manager and web scraper for the apartment search with a robust dashboard for users to track and organize their favorite listings.

    Github: Click For Codebase
  • FX Position Tracker

    A Foreign Exchange (FX) portfolio management simulator with export to Excel functionality and analytics display to view position holdings and gain/loss summary.

    Github: Click For Codebase
  • Visual News

    People have long judged books by their covers. The time has come to judge articles by their photos. A stimulating and interactive display of images that represent top news stories.

    Github: Click For Codebase